About Us

About Us

Richards Agricultural CO LTD was existing since 2008 to distribute disposable products to local hospitals and healthcare centers. Timbermate Co.,Ltd. has been committed to manufacture and distribute high quality single use disposable healthcare products mainly made from the fascinating nonwovens technologies.

  Our products and designed to give maximum protection for the wearers and made from carefully selected fabrics. Since its inception, Richards Agricultural CO LTD has shown significant growth both in acquiring automated production machinery, production facilities and also distribution networks across the country and beyond.

Our distribution networks further extended to food processing factories, electronic factories and about 20% of our productions are for export and about 80% are for local market.

Richards Agricultural CO LTD is fully committed to produce and supply quality products to its customers that respond to the needs of various segments of the market at a competitive prices. In particular, our face masks and mob caps are the most widely distributed products both in the local and international markets.

Our philosophy

Our mission could be wrapped up in three words Quality, Comfort and Economy. Therefore, you can call up on Richards Agricultural CO LTD for Quality, Comfort and Economy in protective healthcare industry. Richards Agricultural CO LTD is fully committed to combine our people’s knowledge, potential, advance production technologies and effective management under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards to supply products with international standard. We are committed to closely cooperate with our supplies and customer to reach mutually beneficial goals.

Richards Agricultural CO LTD is also committed to supplying custom-made (specialized) products, where we feel machine-made products wouldn’t satisfy our customers. As the technological advance continues to improve in the healthcare industry, Richards Agricultural CO LTD also committed to continually upgrade, modify, design and products that are hygiene, fiber glass-free and up to cleanroom products as part of ISO 14001, we are also committed to use products that are safe, comfortable for health professionals and also safe to the environment.

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